Back in the mists of time there was a master plan to build a competitive 500cc class motocross bike in Northern Ireland. It was spearheaded by the late great Professor Gordon Blair of Queen's University Belfast.
The bike uses the same basic 500cc piston ported 2 stroke lump that was used in the famous QUB 500 campaigned by Ray McCullough at the local road races in Northern Ireland.
The original 500cc road race engine was much too peaky and lacked torque at low rpm so the port layout and exhaust was redesigned to improve low end torque.
The engine was completely designed and manufactured by Queens University and the bike still remains at the university today.
The bike in its current form is the mk2 version which uses a Maico frame and was raced by Winston Norwood. The original mk1 used a home built frame and was raced by Robert Wilkinson.
One of the bikes few excursions since the 70's was when it was displayed at Tom Rutherford's Ards Motorcycle show in 2017 where it drew considerable interest.
Below is the original sales brochure along with some pictures from the show.